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Mark and Martina run the Greyhound Megastore. They had a nice looking website, but no online marketing and visitors to the site were very scarce indeed. In May 2006, in response to a distress call from Martina, we therefore offered to set up and run an advertising campaign comprising several GoogleAds. Traffic - and sales - began to increase straight away with 3,207 visits in June. The figure has increased steadily every month, hitting six figures in October 2006 with 10,360 visits.

It's still going up 15 months later, reaching 18,320 in December 2007. Not hits or page views: visits. That's a lot of customers. Buying stuff.

The original CMS - looking a little tired at this point - was replaced in January 2007 with SynchroMesh Retailer, which makes it very much easier for Mark and Martina to keep on top of their now thriving ecommerce business.

Mark and Martina say:

"We have tried a number of companies in the website field but Cosnetics is easily the best. They have developed two sites for us and both have more than paid for themselves, not only because they have been expertly designed but also because Cosnetics have provided a top class after sales service."

Mark and Martina Sullivan
M & M Media, Sutton