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Online Marketing

It's no use having a great looking website, brimming with information about your business or packed full of your products if nobody knows it's there.

If you have retail premises, you can promote your website on carrier bags, till receipts etc, but if you are an online only retailer, it's absolutely essential to promote your site online - it's highly unlikely that your business will last very long if you don't.

It can take months before search engines even find your site - they do have millions of pages to crawl every day. When they do find it, the chances are it won't appear in the first half dozen pages of the natural listings.

A properly set-up online marketing campaign will drive traffic to your site, using either or both of the following:

We make sure that all our clients understand the importance of promoting their websites, which is why our online marketing facility is a key part of our service.

You may wish to set up and manage your own campaign; but most of our clients were more than happy to leave it us: we've done all the learning and our online marketing manager has successfully managed enough campaigns for long enough to earn GoogleAd Pro status.

Check out for more information about how GoogleAds work.